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Beauty’s Quest

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Beauty . . . what is it? Is what our eyes see or what our hearts feel? Is it a social media- perfect image captured or is beauty held up to the light of our own standard? Is it elusive or forthright? Is it set in motion by an emotion or perhaps a number on the scale? Is it determined by the opinion of others or of a truth unchanging, undeterred by worldly distractions?

I just wonder if as women, we idealize beauty far too much. To the point of idolatry perhaps, without even realizing it.

You see, I’m asking myself these questions. Change, being shaken up a bit out of our ordinary causes us to see things about ourselves that were otherwise unseen to us. For me, that change is picking up our family and leaving family and friends to move across the states. Regardless of how our world is shaken up, be it grand, trial-some, or small, we will discover something new about ourselves. I’m talking about the inner workings of our thoughts, emotions, our hearts that then work their way outward in the way we speak, behave, dress ourselves and care for ourselves, to portray to the world our unique beauty—or otherwise. These thoughts and emotions may surprise you, but more than that I think they help us recognize something trying its best to stay hidden. Something contributing to how we view ourselves, and make us feel ugly or lovely.

This is such a deep topic, and I dare say, multi-faceted one, that I’m only touching the surface. Perhaps your wheels will be turning as mine have been. Perhaps together we can come to the realization that although our realties are far from whatever our ideas of ideal are, we can accept ourselves in the state we are in. More than that, we can find acceptance in our Messiah’s love and sacrifice for us. We can let go or even take a cold-turkey break from the Instagram posts or YouTube videos we compare ourselves to. We can be okay with NOT being enough for our children, our husbands, our girlfriends, ourselves. We will never be or do enough. Thank heaven Yahweh is! He is enough when we can’t be and never will be enough. We can be okay with our mess. In fact, we can be beautiful in our messes. Because true beauty is inner beauty.

To conclude, beauty starts at a heart level. What we believe about ourselves translates to emotionally how we feel about ourselves. And these work their way outward to how we present ourselves. Beauty is more than the perfect shade of foundation, a good hair day, or an outfit put together just so. It is so much more than what our eyes can see. Yet, so often we forget just how temporary this life is, that seemingly important things in the moment do not matter in light of eternity. So as we do our best to care for the minds, souls, bodies, skin we’ve been given, let’s remember that messy, and not enough, and imperfection are just part of this life. And it’s okay. Let’s accept ourselves as Messiah does in every part of our journey. Let’s fix our eyes on Him, willing take our ugly thoughts about ourselves and transform them into something worth glorifying Him.

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