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Content- ment + Consuming Less

China's recent affect on recycling here in the States has made me give pause and consider A) how much we as American citizens actually understand about recycling, and B) that the underlying problem is not how much or well we recycle, but rather how much we consume. And that, my friends, has much to do with weighing our wants from our needs, and re-learning the nearly lost virtue of contentment.

Now, what, you might ask, does this have to do with beauty and wellness? Well, everything. The global beauty market as a whole is exploding and will continue to do so for the next while. It's wonderful to see so many small businesses emerge from this, so many wonderful new brands embrace and share with the world organic beauty products and ingredients with safety and higher standards in mind. At the same, this bursting beauty market inevitably creates more waste. The hungrier our beauty appetites become---the more we crave---the more our viscous appetites will be fed.

Now, I'm not saying that the only reason we buy beauty products is because we think we must have them. I'm also not saying the beauty industry is a bad thing, or discouraging new business startups in this market. What I do want us to think about is how much as consumers we actually consume when it comes to beauty? Do we think we need the latest straightener, anti-aging cream, or lip stain? Are we trying to cover up skin we'd rather not be in? Are we in an unspoken beauty competition against co-workers or friends?

I get it. It's hard to dig this deep. These are heart matters and this isn't a skim-the-surface type post. But I think these are questions that we, as women, need to ask ourselves. As part of self-care we need to ask, what are the lies we believe about beauty? Can I love the skin I'm in? Can I choose to be content when I see an ad on Instagram for a gorgeous perfume or new skincare line?

As a skincare formulator, I am well aware of the numerous ingredients needed and the waste produced from packaging or expired ingredients as a result. At the moment, I enjoy sharing my products with friends and family, but I’m also considering expanding my audience and starting a business. One of my struggles is justifying the amount of waste my business would generate, despite efforts to be more sustainable. I think of the hundreds of beauty businesses, in the United States alone, and wonder if the world really needs another beauty brand? Would I be better off making products for myself, my family and friends? Teaching my daughters how to make their own or sharing what I know with others?

Well, I‘ll leave you with these thoughts for now. This is my journey. Thank you for reading my ramblings on more conscious living. I hope they will motivate and challenge you to think differently, and take small steps of change in your own journey.

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