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Get Ready with me: simple beauty routine

With the arrival of a new decade (hello 2020!), I thought it might be fun to share with you my current morning beauty routine, in hopes that you might find one or two fresh ideas when you get ready for your day. As a skin care enthusiast, you may be surprised to learn that I like to keep things really simple. Simple, safe, and effective is what I'm going for.

What am I looking for in my skin care products?

-few steps

-plant-based, high quality ingredients that are safe and effective, specific to my skin needs

-budget friendly

-luxurious skin-feel

I know not everyone has the time to make their own products, so I'll provide a few of my favorite beauty brands I've used and loved for those who are interested. When I used to be a Beautycounter consultant I was so excited about the product (which I still emphatically agree is AMAZING), I used every step I could and then some! My routine was a little more elaborate and I loved it. Now days I opt for a much simpler routine, but definitely still effective. Dare I say even more so, because I know my skin allot better now and how to help it.

I've paired down to just 3 simple steps (and the first step I actually skip in the morning):

A.M. skin care ritual:

1. moisturizer

2. face oil serum

3. dry brush body

P.M. skin care ritual:

1. cleanser

2. moisturizer

3. face oil serum

Yup, that's it folks! Super easy, super simple. It only takes a couple of minutes. Why do I skip washing my face in the morning? I used to splash water on my face every morning. But when my skin was so dry in my early twenties, I started asking questions. Someone in the clean beauty industry suggested I try not cleansing my skin at all in the morning. Our skin is really not dirty first thing in the morning, and sometimes tap water especially can dry out the skin. I tried her idea and noticed a difference right away. I've gone without cleansing my face in the morning now for several years now, and I've never had blemishes or any such thing because of it.

Dry brushing is something I've added recently, for health benefits over beauty. Last summer, my doctor thought I might possibly have endometriosis. While not an official diagnosis, before further testing we decided to try natural routes to see if some of my pain could subside in the coming months and possibly bring my hormones back into balance. An extra step I decided to try is body brushing, as this can help flush out the toxins associated with endometriosis. It's become something I actually look forward to, as it really does wake up the skin. For those of you who ever at some point decide to take up dry brushing, my tip would be to gently brush the skin in upward strokes. Very gently. Think of trying to brush silk. Brushing our skin too harsh can aggravate the lymph vessels rather than help detoxify them.

(above: two pots of cream highlighters I made using this recipe from the amazing Marie: https://www.humblebeeandme.com/cream-luminizer/ )

When it comes to make-up, its my opinion that less is more. In fact, on purpose I choose not do a full face of make-up. I actually leave things out. I will use SPF tinted moisturizer, under-eye concealer, brow pencil, mascara, eye liner, shadow, blush, high lighter, bronzer, and lip gloss---but never all at once. I like to choose just a few things, and in this way my look stays natural and not overdone. I feel like an artist and each day I get to choose from a variety of colors and tools to create the look I want. Some days I choose not to paint at all, but go totally au-naturale.

Here's a few ideas of what makeup combinations I like to go for:


1. tinted spf

2. brow pencil

3. cream multi-stick in grapefruit for rouge/blush and lips


1. tinted spf

2. eye liner

3. mascara

4. under eye concealer

5. brow pencil

6. opt eye shadow


1. brow pencil

2. mascara

3. lip gloss


1. brow pencil

2. mascara

3. bronzer


1. tinted spf

2. brow pencil

3. high lighter

4. bronzer

Are you seeing a trend here? I think we all have a couple of our go-to products. And my top product that I use every single day (except on the occasion I go totally bare faced) is filling in my brows.

Thank you for reading my post. I'd love to know in the comments below: what is your beauty routine? What kind of skin products do you use? What's your go-to makeup look?

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