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the beauty of ritual

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

In our modern busy lives, I believe we need a moment or two every single day where we can pause and simply be. To enjoy the ritual of beautifying--our skin, senses, emotions, and thoughts.

“I like to call it, celebrating the beauty of ritual.”

Once upon a time, as a young teen, I found myself embarrassed at what I saw staring back at me in the mirror. I had put on some weight after a trip away from home, and I dreaded greeting my family looking like this. Would they be ashamed of me?

Of course they were understanding and lovingly helped me get into a routine of healthier eating choices and exercise. But from that point, a fear gripped my heart and steadily began to squeeze until I was so bound up, I shockingly disillusioned by it. I feared getting fat again. I feared most foods, so I became quite particular about what I could consume and how much. I became so skinny, all the while thinking I might get fat. I worried about food all the time, and felt guilty all the time. I made myself throw up in the toilet after I had binge moments.

Later, after I married my husband, I did gain weight again. I discovered I had a thyroid/adrenal imbalance, which along with my poor relationship with food lent itself to more extra pounds than I felt comfortable in.

In all this time, I didn't enjoy self-care because I did not know how to love and accept myself.

By the grace of God and help of my patient, loving husband, I am no longer crippled in fear. I have learned that His acceptance is all I need in order to accept myself. That the lies I believed about food were ridiculous. That healthy fats did not make me fat. That I needed protein to have a stable energy, and really important--mindset is key. After working with my naturalistic doctor for four years, my thyroid is at a good place and the weight simply melted off. Can you believe that much of that was due to letting go of worry, and training my mind not to think about food so much but simply enjoy it?

What I want you to hear, after reading my story, is that you can enjoy a self-care ritual, unless you've first tended the needs your inner self. You can only enjoy beauty rituals only once you believe you are accepted and deeply loved.

Beauty rituals are little moments at a certain hour of the day, where you enjoy a routine for the sake of feeding your soul, quieting your mind, and caring for your body. I like to call it, celebrating the beauty of ritual. For me, my nighttime beauty ritual is something I will not miss no matter what. Even if its just five minutes. Usually however, I take my time. I turn on music or my favorite show on my phone, pull back my hair, and take a deep breath. I find my cleanser and message it onto my skin, then remove it with a warm damp cloth. I spritz on my current hyrosdol toner, and revel in the floral fragrance. I apply my day/night cream, and gently message a pump of my face oil serum, whichever is my latest formulation. I enjoy every minute of the routine, from the aromatherapy of essential oils in my serum to the prayer I uttered up while messaging my face. When I'm finished, I feel relaxed and peaceful.

Moments like these are what I look forward to in my day. And this, my friend, is what we need in our busy, fast-paced, modern lives. Whether you are the career women or stay at home mom. We all need a break. So begin this journey with me, by chiseling out time for yourself every single day to focus on celebrating your self-care. In the coming posts, I hope to inspire you and give you recipes that will make your skin happy.

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