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LIFE UPDATE: back to school

We'll be taking a bit of a turn here on the blog starting a new series. In 2018 I took Formula Botanica's course and received my diploma in Organic Cosmetic Formulation. They are the worlds leading online accredited school in organic cosmetic science. That year I had a blast learning and growing my formulation skills, and it really propelled my passion for skincare. My husband and agreed that now would be a good time for me to continue my learning with the community at Formula Botanica, so last week I enrolled for their next course. Over the next year I'll be working towards receiving my diploma in Advanced Cosmetic Science. I'm so excited to take you with me on this journey. I'll be sharing my experiences---my formulations, challenges, thoughts, research and opinions. With this course I'll be =covering topics such as skin anatomy, cell biology, preservation, niches in skincare and so much more. I'd love to hear from you along the way. If you have questions on ingredients for example, formulation ideas, constructive criticism, etc I'd love hear from you in the comment section or via email.

Skincare and more specifically niche skincare is ever growing and at an all-time high. In 2018 the global skincare was valued at nearly $135 billion, and is projected to be $189.3 billion by 2025. This is great news for organic skincare brands, plus anyone with a passion for and knowledgeable about skincare to consider starting their own business. With all the wealth of product and information out there, it's so wonderful to see schools like Formula Botanica offering their resources to steer the everyday human in the right directions. You don't even have to be a dermatologist. Empty nester, collage girl, mama with littles, career woman--anyone interested can learn about skincare. And nope, I'm not getting paid a dime. I just love my school that much!

So how will I fit it in? I'm a stay-at-home mama of a nearly three and four year old. Anyone with youngsters knows life can be busy in all the best ways, and more often than not exhausting. That's the beauty of online learning with this school. I can fit it into the nooks and crannies of my daily life. Just like with this blog :)

Until next time.

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