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If you haven't yet, I hope you create some opportunities while you are at home due to COVID-19 to simply enjoy a few moments doing something that replenishes your soul. For me that looks like a cup of quiet with tea, Ludovico Einaudi music playing, and/or dabbling with new skin potion's. It can be such a therapeutic experience, especially when using essential oils and hyrdosols. Today, I thought I'd share with you two new creations you might want to try: a luxury face oil that also doubles as a serum, and a refreshing face mist. Both are SO easy to make. The face mist is literally two ingredients. As for the face oil, feel free to play around with substituting different oils if you don't have the ones I mention, but do know the more "special" oils are there for a reason and give it that serum-like quality.

Without further adieu . . .

Soothe: Rose Face Mist

95 ml rose water hydrosol, preferably organic and certainly preserved

5 ml calendula extract

Mix ingredients in glass beaker. Stir, and pour in 2 oz spray bottle. You may double or triple the ingredients for a larger bottle.

Directions: Mist, mist, mist. Breathe in the lovely scent of roses, and smile.

Grace of Life: Luxury Neroli Face Oil Serum

18.9 grams argan oil

7.5 grams cold-pressed, rose hip seed oil

3 grams borage/ starflower oil

.15 - .3 grams bakuchiol (use 1.5 if this is your first time using bakuchiol on your skin, and go from there)

.15 grams Vitamin E oil

5-6 drops sweet orange essential oil

2 drops neroli essential oil

In a beaker, weigh ingredients on jewelry scale. Stir well and pour in 1 oz glass dropper bottle.

Directions: After cleansing face, mist on soothe rose face mist. While skin is still damp, message a few drops of "grace of life" oil into your sweet skin. Breathe in the citrus-blossom scent and may your soul and skin be refreshed!

Ingredient Tips:

~rose hyrdrosol is such a treat and is known for it's soothing properties

~calendula extract helps calm inflammation and redness of the skin

~argan oil very high in the antioxidant Vitamin E, which is not only wonderful for skin it helps keep your face oil stable from oxidation for longer

~rose hip seed oil has been researched expensively for it's benefits of soothing irritated skin and keeping skin youthful

~borage oil has the highest amount of gamma linolenic acid, higher than evening primrose and black-current seed oils. It helps rejuvenate the skin's barrier function, decreases water loss, and can help calm redness and minimize pore size

~bakuchiol is likened to nature's retinal, an amazing fairly new to the skin care world ingredient with anti-aging properties. It's like an extract in the sense that very little needs to be used to achieve results

~sweet orange essential oil is a great for oily or acne prone skin

~neroli essential oil . . . I'm warning you it's expensive. But the real stuff is just a luxury. It's my favorite scent and lasts so long, so for me it's worth it. Not to mention a lovely anti-aging ingredient.

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