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Updated: Sep 10, 2019

YOU GUYS! Why have I never thought of this before? Do any of you struggle like I do to find the right shampoo for you hair that meets at least most of your ideals for said shampoo?

For me the ideal shampoo has to check all of these boxes:

-be right for my hair type (for fine hair, tendency to be oily, yet a bit sun damaged from Florida sun)

-non toxic and beneficial ingredients

-the right price point

-smell good!

A few years ago I DID find my ideal shampoo. Alas, it was not to be when I realized my budget could not justify the price. Maybe again someday . . . But for now I needed to find something less expensive and still wonderful. I’ve tried several natural shampoos since then, but they were all just kind of “eh” for me.

A few months ago, when visiting the most quaint apothecary that met all my crunchy mama vibes, I stumbled across it. Or rather, the owner introduced me to it. She pointed out a natural body wash/shampoo base that you could add your own essential oils, etc to it to customize to your own liking. Of course the more you purchased, the better the discount. Needless to say, it got my wheels turning.

Having a shampoo/body wash base 1) eliminates the need for more than one type for family members. Simply add a few ingredients to the base to create what best suits each person best. 2) You can then use your product you’ve tweaked for cleansing head to toe. No need for separate shampoo and body wash (unless you’ve added pricey extracts to your shampoo.) 3) You can re-use your bottles 4) It’s more cost effective, especially if purchasing the base in bulk 5) You can change up your ingredients added when your hair needs something different. No need to look for new brands etc.

Whats not to love?

So with the help of this amazing book by Valerie Ann Wormwood called “The Complete Guide of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy“, I decided to experiment.

I created three different types of shampoos that can be used for both hair and body. One for my hubby, one for my little girls, and one for myself.


(specifically to help prevent hair loss)

4 oz shampoo base

12 drops jojoba oil

10-15 drops coconut oil

1 tsp Amla extract (super easy to make yourself—recipe coming soon!)

4 drops carrot seed essential oil

4 drops lavender essential oil

6 drops rosemary essential oil


(for sun-damaged hair, dry with brittle ends)

4 oz shampoo base

12 drops jojoba oil

10-15 drops coconut oil

1 tsp Amla extract

4 drops rosemary essential oil

4 drops geranium essential oil

6 drops frankincense essential oil


(gentle for babies, small children, or anyone with sensitive skin and scalp)

4 oz shampoo base

12 drops jojoba oil

8-10 drops coconut oil

1 tsp Amla extract

10-14 drops lavender essential oil


1) Add the additives first to your 4 oz pump bottle (you may double or triple for a larger bottle).

2) Last slowly pour in the base, maybe a little over halfway. Replace the pump head and shake, shake, shake to incorporate. (Hey, that rhymed :)

3) Add the remaining base poring very slowly because the shampoo base will want to suds up.

4) Replace the head again, shake it, and label

5) Go ahead, give it a try. Be sure to gently message your scalp for a minute or two as your shampoo. Rinse, rinse, even when you think it‘s all washed out. Leftover residue or ANY shampoo will create dry flaky scalp, or if its too conditioning, leave your hair slightly oily.

6) For a truly natural method to finish, skip the conditioner and give your hair an ACV rinse. Fill a quart jar with 1 T of apple cider vinegar. Fill it up with water and slowly pour this over your hair, being careful to avoid your eyes (it will sting). Once your hair dries you will no longer smell the ACV and it will leave your hair silky and shiny.

A note on Amla, a perhaps unfamiliar ingredient used in all three shampoos. Also known as Indian Gooseberry, this fruit is packed with Vitamin C. Women of India use the fruit to make Amla oil and use it for the hair to prevent grey-ness, promote hair growth (and prevent hair loss), and even to dye their hair. It is more common to find it in powder form, and since Vitamin C is water soluble (in fact the majority of the beneficial nutrients we want are water soluble) it makes more since to use it in extract form (which is water soluble). Amla is an outstanding ingredient for ALL hair types, which is why I used it in all three shampoos. Well, more on this super amazing ingredient next time . . .

As always, thank you for reading, and I hope you find this inspiring and will think about trying it out or tweaking it to make your very own personalized shampoo/ body wash.

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