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Super Simple DIY Skincare for Busy, Tired Moms

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

The past week or so I’ve been on an ”actives” kick. Specifically researching who our skin functions and what kind of ingredients can help our skin fight free radicals, protect, build, and age gracefully. There I was on this little obsession, paging between retinoids versus plant-based cretinoids, and the best type of Vitamin C derivatives, and I had to pause. For anyone who knows me well, I like to study and research, and I won’t stop until I’ve found not only answers but the perfect solution or plan of action for me. Some call it idealism. And yep, that’s exactly what I gravitate towards. Ideals of perfection. Thus my research on what are the best ingredients I can use on my skin?

Yet, I had to lift my head out of the fog of my books and google, and admit something. I’m a tired mama right now. And sometimes we just to go back to simple. Hard for a formulator to do at times, but in different seasons of our lives simple is exactly what we need.

So for all you tired mamas out there, busy caring for your kiddos and keeping a clean house, this is for you. Or if you just want to steer away from commercial products and try some DIY where you know what’s in your skin care sine you made it yourself—well, this is for you too. There are dozens and dozens of amazing recipes out there for the DIY enthusiast. However, the number one thing that keeps me from making some is the few days to one week shelf life. They may be simple and fresh recipes, but this mama doesn’t have time to be making new batches of three or four products every week and storing them in my fridge! Maybe you can relate to me. The key to having products that will not spoil for several months to a year is by not mixing water based ingredients with non-water ingredients (like plant oils/butter).


The oil cleansing method is one of the simplest and affordable ways to clean your face. Oil attracts oil, and so helps to actually unclog your pores. It removes makeup (including eye makeup), oil, and dirt exceptionally well.

I have a recipe for rose cleaning oil here, best for normal-dry prone skin. https://www.sweetskinrituals.com/my-blog/simple-diy-rose-cleansing-oil

A really great resource that has simple varying oil cleansing recipes for every skin type is found on www.theoilcleansingmethod.com For easy reference I’ve included a photo from their site below:

To use your cleanser, dampen your face and message a small amount of oil cleanser all over your face about one minute. Remove with a soft cloth and you are done! For a deep cleanser once or twice a week, instead of removing the oil right away, place a hot wash cloth over your face and allow it to cool. Do this three times them remove oil. This process allows a sort of “steaming“ to happen (like a facial steam) so your pores can open up and deeply be cleansed.

Tip: Oil cleansing is best done at night. Do not use more than once a day. In fact, if you on the dryer side try not washing your face at all in the morning. This did wonders for my skin.


To hydrate skin, day and night creams are lovely and work well, but they don’t have to be used. Another simple way to hydrate is using healing waters from plants. To keep it super simple—as in one ingredient—those with oily skin can use witch hazel (an astringent), normal, dry, and mature skin can use rose water spritzed onto the skin. Be sure to follow up with a face oil to moisturize.

For those who wish step it up a bit, here is a very simple hydrating mist for a 2 oz spray bottle:

1 part rosewater

1 part aloe vera

1/4 tsp vegetable glycerin or honey

1/2 part witch hazel (opt)


Face Oils can be simple with a few ingredients or they can be complex and luxurious. Either way they will be nourishing for your skin. Rose hip oil is one of my favorite, great for every skin type and rich in cretinoid (Vitamin A), increasing elastin content, promotes collagen formation, and helps delay age-related breakdown of the skin. Rosehip oil also healing for scar tissue, blemishes, dark spots and UV damage, wrinkles, and uneven pigmentation. It has a balanced fatty acid profile of omega 3 to 6. It’s a light and drying oil, meaning it wont sit on the skin and be greasy. As a noncomedogenic oil it will not clog pores either.

Olive Squalane oil is derived from olives and it is found naturally in our skin at 25%. It softens and smoothed skin and replenishes our skin‘s natural oils. It penetrates easily and protects against moisture loss. It also has a long shelf life due to it’s being a saturated oil. It’s also non-comedogenic and helps regulate oil production.

Here’s a very simple yet luxurious recipe great for every skin type.

Add to a one ounce glass dropper bottle:

2 parts Rose hip seed oil

1 part olive squalane oil

5-10 drip Vitamin E oil

6-8 drops lavender essential oil

combine in a glass beaker or mason jar. Stir to combine and pour into dropper bottle. Apply morning and night after facial mist.

WEEKLY (If feasible for you) TREATMENT:

Here are two simple simple masks. One is for oily skin or if you want a detox of the pores. The other is for any skin type.

Bentonite Clay: mix with water until it forms a paste. Apply with brush or fingers. Allow to dry, about ten minutes, then remove. Follow with hydrating mist and face oil.

Raw Honey: honey is antibacterial and softens skin. Sometimes I like to use it to wash my face as it feels so silky smooth afterward! Honey is a humectant, although be aware that using it too much (such as every day) will dry moisturizer FROM the skin rather than TO it. To use: apply raw honey to clean face. Let mask sit 10-15 min. Wash well (sticky residue is tasty but not so pleasant!) Spritz on hydrating mist and apply face oil to complete.

So there you have it. A few ideas on super simple skin care. I know there’s many women who aren‘t that interested or geeked out my beauty products like some of us can be (talking about myself for starters 😉). So this post could be helpful to you if you are just looking for good ingredients to nourish and protect skin.

Note that these are not necessarily what I would advice for those looking for youth promoting skin care. You’ll need actives such as Vitamin C for that.

Thank you for reading! Feel free to leave a comment or suggestion below.

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