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Where Do I Find Ingredients?

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Today’s post is inspired by my beautiful mother-in-law who asked me where would one find the ingredients for recipes I list on blog? I’ll bet there’s allot of you out there not sure where to start (other than Amazon) and would like to know some of the options available to you.

Before taking Formula Botanica’s course, I also had no clue where to purchase ingredients. My local health food store had a few of the basics like shea butter, grape seed oil, aloe Vera and maybe some clays. And while, yes, I could find butters and carrier oils on Amazon, there was still allot of ingredients lacking.

Most of the suppliers I‘m sharing with you today I learned about through Formula Botanica and the super supportive community there. There is a whole world of botanical goodies waiting to be discovered, and this is only a small list compared to the many suppliers out there. These however, I can say I’ve purchased from and found to have good ingredients. You will notice that some suppliers offer organic ingredients; some do not. Some are pricier with more exotic ingredients, while others offer a little bit of everything. As a side note, I’m not in any way affiliated with any of these companies—only a happy customer :)

Eden’s Garden: www.edensgarden.com this is the first place I turn to if I’m out of an essential oil. They have a simple rewards program too, if you purchase so much you get $5 off. They also have a wonderful collection of plant oils, some carrier oils and also luxurious such as prickly pear seed oil. Do read the descriptions carefully though, as not all of their plant oils are cold-pressed, which is what you want to retain the healing properties of an oil, especially if you will not be heating it. Nonetheless, I’ve found they have high quality plant oils and essential oils for a good price. Oh, and my favorite part? Free shipping every time!! You will quickly find out that in the world of making your own beauty products that shipping is not cheap. :|

Bramble Berry: www.brambleberry.com This company has several fun additives like exfoliants (bamboo powder, blackberry seeds, etc), clays, salts, micas, and extracts. They have good quality plant oils too. A favorite that instantly comes to mind is their macadamia nut oil—such a treat!

Lotion Crafter: www.lotioncrafter.com This is a well known supplier in the formulator world. They have just about everything. It’s a great place to buy allot of ingredients at once. This is where I buy my olivem1000, the main emulsifier I use in my day/night creams and lotions. You will find surfactants, extracts, butters, oils, clays, hydrosols (not sure I’d recommend those however—another topic for another post), and so much more. I’ve used this supplier several times simply because they have decent prices and I can get most of what I need in one shot!

Making Cosmetics: www.makingcosmetics.com This is another supplier very similar to lotion crafter. You will find a variety of ingredients, and it might be worth your time to compare prices of specific ingredients between the two.

Formulator Sample Shop: www.formulatorsampleshop.com A little more on the spendy side, they carry higher end extracts and plant oils to name a couple. If I can’t find a specific extract from lotioncrafter I will look here next. They also carry the preservative you will see I use in some of DIY recipes, Geogard ECT. It’s one of the few broad spectrum preservatives accepted in natural/ organic skincare.

Organic Creations: www.organiccreations.com My favorite place to purchase hydrosals by far. They have a good variety. I also love that they have so many kinds of organic raw material. They have excellent organic unrefined cocoa butter—it smells divine!

Amazon: www.amazon.com There are a few brands I know and love which can be found on Amazon, mostly oils. Check out Majestic Pure and Leven Rose for amazing plant oils for a good price. Life Flo has cold pressed inexpensive rose hip seed oil, and I like their sunflower and grape seed oil also. Majestic Pure also has high quality rose hip seed oil that is budget friendly.

Local Health Food Store: I’ve found that the best place to purchase dried herbs and flowers is from my local health food store. Especially if you can purchase in bulk, where you can control the amount you want to buy.

I hope you find this helpful and gives you a good place to start when you trying new skin care recipes or formulating yourself. Please let me know in the comment section if you have tried any of these suppliers or have found others you love.

Until next time then!

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