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Winter Beauty Rituals

Oh my, it’s been far too long. Last minute road-trips across the nation to visit loved ones, followed by moving to a new apartment have a way of pushing blogging to the side. Now that our family is settled into our new place and December greets us, I‘m feeling the itch to write again.

But instead of giving you a DIY skin care recipe to try, I’m giving you something NOT to do. Or rather, I’m inviting you into a moment to slow down. This month of festivities and joy can be so hectic we forgot to pause and enjoy. To savor the moments in between. When it’s all over, did it really matter what sweater you wore or how you did your eye makeup for that Christmas party? Wouldn't you rather look back on this Christmas and remember the quiet hour you spend snuggling with your kids, reading stories while sipping hot cocoa. Remembering just how the lights flowed softly on the tree. Christmas dinner where you had a really good conversation with a family member you hadn't seen in some time. I think we all want that. Yet we want to be on top of our December to-do list, have every thing perfect, all twenty three kinds of cookies baked, and all the presents wrapped before Christmas Eve. It’s a slippery slope to fall into busy, busy, busy. So lets intentionally so down. Take time. Be present. My favorite winter ritual right now is this: lighting a candle and watching its light dance on the wall, a hot cup of herbal tea in my hands. I take up my pen and reflect on what I’m grateful for, a prayer, or something special I want to remember.

Here's a list of winter beauty ritual ideas for you, for the times you need to remind yourself to take it slow. Some are for the benefit of your skin beauty, others invite you to revel in the beauty of the moment. Some of I've done, others I look forward to:

1. Take a bath with Epsom salts and lavender or fir needle essential oils.

2. Mix your own simple face mask while watching a Christmas movie or listening to Christmas jazz. Mix plain yogurt and kaolin clay (or whatever kind you have on hand). The clay will pull out impurity’s while the yogurt is very moisturizing. I plan on doing this again soon!

3. Clear off your dining table of any clutter. Wipe it down and dry it. Then find your favorite table cloth or runner. Now be creative! Maybe a mason jar and greenery from one of our trees or shrubs outside? How about an antique bowl with fresh oranges? Or three candles in a row? Take a minute to enjoy the beauty of your well-dressed table.

4. Make a cup of tea or hot chocolate and light a candle in a dark room. Take note of the aroma of your hot drink, the way it warms your stomach. The flicker of candlelight. The stillness. Enjoy it.

5. I recently discovered this idea from a favorite YouTuber, "fairylandcottage," so I cant take credit :) You'll need a jar with a lid, your favorite facial cloth, and tea bags. Think calming ones, like chamomile or lavender. Inside the jar place several tea bags, then lay our cloth on top. Place the lid on and leave it for a day or two. When you take your makeup off at night, take the cloth out and just lay it over your face for a bit, breathing in the wonderful scent.

6. Stay off social media for an evening. Read a book instead and be amazed at how relaxed you feel when its time to crawl into bed!

I'm keeping this post short, as I know your holiday to-do list is long. I hope you'll try one or two of these ideas to encourage yourself to slow down, be present, and enjoy the moment. And let's not forget to take time this season for the precious people around us.

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